Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers’ Building Inspection Engineers

We know buildings and we know what your home means to you.

For most of us, our homes are the single largest investment we will ever make. Your residential inspection should help you understand as much as possible about your home, especially since it can help protect your family’s and your financial future.

Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers understand the importance of your home, and our experience since 1994 has prompted thousands of home buyers and home owners to choose us.  In our largely unregulated industry, too many states do not require a licensed, Professional Engineer to conduct a property inspection, to prepare a property inspection report, perform a new construction inspection, a manufactured home inspection, or home diagnostic services.

Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers uses licensed, Professional Engineers to provide our services or review our final reports.  Every one of these engineers has the rigorous training and experience required to become a licensed, Professional Engineer, legally able to advise you on the structural integrity of your building and render opinions about the condition of your home.

If you want a detailed, professional home inspection or need consulting engineering services from a licensed, Professional Engineer, call Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers for:

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Licensed, Professional Engineers can provide a clear description of your home’s current condition as well as a maintenance plan to help you prioritize repairs and maintenance.



Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers customize structural inspections to the unique concerns of each client, and our reports exceed ASTM 2018 standards for due diligence. Let our structural engineers help you keep a small problem from becoming more serious.

And if something is troubling you about your home or building, you don’t need to commission a home inspection to get our take. We partner with licensed, Professional Engineers, who have the lifelong experience and legal standing to help you assess any situation and develop a solution.



Building a new home? Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers consults on some of the largest construction and real estate development projects in the country, and our residential structural engineers bring the same expertise and commitment to customer service to every residential plan, cost review, and new home inspection.



Most lenders—including the Federal Housing Authority—require manufactured home inspections prepared by a licensed, Professional Engineer before they will finance or insure your property. Let our engineers carefully assess your anchorage, footings, basement, and crawl space.