About Criterium

We Know Buildings

Criterium-Brown-Rand Engineers is a consulting engineering firm specializing in residential and commercial building inspections and design services. From our headquarters in Manchester, ME, we provide a consistently high level of service to mid-coast and down east Maine residents.

We Know Buildings

Since 1994, Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers has evaluated more than 10,000 buildings Northern, Down east and Central Maine. We look at hundreds of buildings and visit several construction sites every year.

We welcome the opportunity to prove our value to each of our clients. Our proven reputation and consistent professionalism have made Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers the engineering firm of choice for many of the nation’s leading investors, builders and developers.

We partner with licensed, Professional Engineers

Being a licensed, Professional Engineer is a career commitment and mindset guided by ethics, technical competence, clear communication and legal accountability. It is a calling.

In most states, becoming a licensed, Professional Engineer (P.E.), requires:

  • a four-year engineering degree,
  • at least four years work experience under a Professional Engineer,
  • passing two intensive competency exams,
  • licensing by the state board, and
  • ongoing maintenance, improvement of skills and continuing education throughout their career.

Each Criterium-Brown/Rand engineer has invested years mastering a rigorous, demanding technical and professional discipline; this expertise and experience makes a difference for our clients and their ability to understand the buildings in which they live and work. You can trust us to ask the right questions, pay attention to detail, see and solve problems, and provide quiet wisdom you can count on. And we never forget the most important part of every building we inspect: the people who call it their home or workplace.

We work with people, so they can know their buildings.

Yes, we are proven engineering experts, but it is our ability to communicate our understanding of a building’s performance to our clients that truly sets Criterium-Brown/Rand apart. Building real relationships with our clients matters. We understand the complicated logistics of managing multimillion-dollar development projects as well the excitement and apprehension of buying a first home. In fact, many of our engineers have worked in the building trades or served on homeowners association boards, so we relate to our clients and understand their priorities.

It’s time to talk to Criterium-Brown/Rand Engineers

If you want practical solutions from a long-term partner with professional engineering expertise, contact us at (207) 455-4717 (No. Maine) or (207) 480-1110 (Mid Maine)  to discuss your next project.